Our Story

Venio evolved out of the idea that by using everyday available technology to reach consumers and by offering them access to needed credit facilities to obtain basic necessities from that same device, we could empower the emerging mass consumer base with access to what they need, when they need it. Never say never again!

Venio which means “Come” in Latin provides consumers with the capability to “come and reach out” via their smartphones to obtain financing for much needed everyday products and services such as Food, Communication, Transportation, Medicine from within the Venio Marketplace.

Empowering consumers

Venio is a Mobile Application providing "nano-credit" facilities to consumers via a mobile app, delivering quick access to credit and providing ease of use for redemption & repayment. Venio aims to empower banked and unbanked consumers through responsible lending, ensuring emergency and everyday needs are met. Venio works closely with local & national retail partners to provide efficient and accessible redemption channels for acquiring products and services.

Positive social impact

Venio seeks to enable the long-term transition from an unbanked or unsupported customer base into a base enabled with access to a gateway of financial services, delivering positive social impact and stability where it's needed. Venio leverages Smartphones, Social Networking and Digital Media to spread our message.

Borrow, Buy, Build, Believe!


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